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2022 Future of Dr Lou's Studio

March 20, 2022

More devastating than the state of the world, is the condition of the minds and hearts of its population. 

We lost ones we loved, because we didn't have the courage to stand up for ourselves as pencil necked psychopaths attempted to destroy humanity. 

You could argue about what happened but as Mr Bernard said, the story is always the same. 

The future is as uncertain as it can be. Who will live to tell the story?  Do people really care? 

These questions will play out over the next year. Dr Lou will be releasing every bit of literature he has, before it doesn't matter at all. 

There is no pride anymore, only legacy. 

May the blessings of the spirits offer you solace in the time we have left and may the fate of the perpetrators be as devastating as those who they sentenced to an unexpected and susdden indirect execution.

Rest In Peace,

John Scotty James Gibson, Dorothy Peretti Panzera, Margaret Cordisco, Ray Yu, Darrold George, Paul Paulzie Kees Doerr, Paul Kurrey, Dennis Fabrittis, 

and anyone who possibly were killed by those who brought or promoted or profited from, the chemical genocide of 2021 and Beyond.

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Dr Lou Back Live in the Keys

October 6, 2021

Dr Lou is back in the Florida Keys playing music and building out the Dr Lou's Place Key Largo Music Studio to new levels.

We are joining forces with L.A.Woman, Laura Ashliegh to build out the MUSIC ART MARKET.

This is an entirely new concept of MUSIC ART and RETAIL space that will meet the needs of local musicians, artists, and fans of family and faith.

We are operating under the MISSION FROM MOM mantra 

This brings together MUSIC, FAMILY, and FAITH (in each other and spirits around the world)

We can love each other no matter what media or anyone says. 

There is no person any better or worth more than any other.  Any difference on that is the definition of EVIL.

We must see each other as valuable, needed, and loved. 

We can do it, the music and the art show us the way.

Join us in NOVEMBER 2021 for our Grand Opening and re-opening of the Dr Lou's Place Side Yard Open Stage.

The M.A.M. will be open 4 days a week from 11 to 2 at first then maybe to 3 PM.

There will be an artist and local musician, crafts and local...


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The Privileged Few with Kenny Glover and the Dr at Buzz's Tavern in Mount Holly Tonight - 9PM

December 23, 2006

Ho Ho Ho...twas the night before the night before Xmas and all through the Town...The Few with K&D were layin it down.   The acoustic music that you like with the Privileged Few.....And from the Few....Genius, Scotty, Shawn, Kenny, Elwood, and Dr Lou....A Happy Xmas and a Merry New Year..........See you at Buzz's. stay tuned to for all the fun

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