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Explore the Musical Journey of Dr Lou - contact the Dr to see how the songs, the philosophy behind them, and for details on the Walk In the Woods.

Will the Real Johnny Cash Stand Up

The Few in their Hay Day,

A tribute to Johnny Cash, as if he needed it.

The family doesn't care, but we love him anyway.

He was as cool as you could be.

None of them could touch his pant cuff.

God Rest his Soul.


Recorded in Fractured Rock Records with Hubie Gallagher.

Be Yourself

It's all you have, YOU.  Be yourself is about losing the notion that you have to pretend to be something you're not. 

She wanted out, and all I wanted was her to be happy. She left, got a family, I still hope she's happy.



What we all need but seldom have.



What we don't take when we need it the most.