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The Music Tells You; Hello

Dr Lou was born of necessity; A need for a "super hero" for one person who had lost faith in life and society. 

He was created, and rescued a soul from the abyss.

He continued to reach out, using the greatest spiritual tool ever; the music.

He offered music to the world with his radio show, playing music for those who had no place to have their music played.

The show ran from 2003 to 2016 on WNJC 1360 AM Philadelphia and played original music from around the world.

He created, with his Angel Mother, a place, Dr Lou's Place, that offered a "place" to play music any time, every day.

Sadly the government needed the property that housed the original Dr Lou's but the dream lives on.

The family of musicians that was born of Dr Lou's Place, the Dr Lou Radio show are still alive and well playing various locations in NJ/PA/NY etc.

The Dr Lou Radio show is now on 97.5 FM WKDW out of North Port Florida every Sunday at 12:30PM to 1 PM and Thursday AM 10:30 - 11 AM. 


Key Largo, The MISSION FROM MOM Continues!!!!







Dr Lou's Songs

Dr Lou has written over 1000 songs and they will all be released, God Willing.

For now there are original music and other songs on YouTube under Dr Lou Music.

Dr Lou YouTube Channel

Also on amazon, Dr Lou has written a novel and produced other literary works.

Dr Lou on Amazon

Dr Lou's novel;  A Date With G.O.D.


A Date With G.O.D. facebook

Amazon: A Date With G.O.D.

Dr Lou's Guitar Lessons;

Amazon; Dr Lou's Guitar Lessons

The Band; The Privileged Few Band


Dr Lou Isms

Amazon; Dr Lou Isms


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Home is a spiritual journey that you never return from.

The Future of Dr Lou's Place - the Franchise

We are in the process of looking for Franchise Owners who understand the value of a Dr Lou's Place to the communities they will be in.

If you understand the mission:

Elwood on Mom and the Mission


Without TRUTH there is NOTHING;

Dr Lou's Mission From Mom is based on 

Music, Family, and Faith. 

Faith in the truth. 

Join us in making TRUTH the top priority.


A Place in Time

Family is not blood - it's soul.

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